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All Aboard the School Bus of Horrors Illustrated by Euan Cook

From dawn to dusk, the School Bus of Horrors rumbles along city streets and down country roads, searching for another passenger. It looks like any other bus - yellow, black marking, and dirty windows. But BEWARE! Step aboard and experience the ride of your life, or the last ride you’ll ever take!

School Bus of Horrors, written by Michael Dahl is a series of six seriously spooky reads featuring cover and inside illustrations by Euan Cook, published this month by Capstone in the US. These American Library Editions take readers to the next level with 4D elements leading to exclusive video content, accessed by scannable codes within the books.

Euan’s bold and energetic linework and restrained colour palette gives each cover an extra creepy edge, this series is sure to keep young readers on the edge of their bus seats until the final stop.

Euan Cook is represented by Arena Illustration.

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