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PRESS START! It’s Blast Off with Thomas Flintham

This action packed series of books created by Thomas Flintham will be sure to entice even the most addicted screen fiends away from their electronic devices and into a crazy inter galactic world of Super Rabbit Boy. These handy bite sized adventures for newly emerging readers are generously illustrated in full colour throughout and perfectly tap into the world of computer games and high octane adventure.

Press Start! 5: Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off! is published this month in the US by Scholastic and is the fifth book in the series. Meanie King Viking is causing trouble out in space again! Super Rabbit Boy knows he can stop him but can he fly a wobbly Level 1 rocketship, stop an army of space robots and find King Viking? This latest adventure is out of this world, with amazing full-colour art on every page by Thomas Flintham.

Here’s a review from a parent:

“My child who struggles to read, just spent 45 mins reading with me because he was loving his book so much. Thank you Scholastic and Thomas Flintham for Super Rabbit Boy. He is convincing my child that he’s a reader better than I or his teachers ever could.”

Thomas Flintham is represented by Arena Illustration.

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