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Steve May Illustrates Guy Bass Wild West Comedy

The master of chuckles, Guy Bass and the dastardly charming illustrator Steve May are back with another hilarious caper, this time set in the heart of the lawless Wild West!

Laura Norder Sheriff of Butts Canyon is published by Barrington Stoke this month. Ten-year-old Laura is the new self-appointed sheriff in town. Ain’t no crime, commotion or nit-witted nonsense gets past her - until the rule-breaking Duncan Disorderly rides into town and starts causing havoc. Can Laura unmask the no-good trouble-maker and force him to follow her Golden Rules - or has she finally met her match?
This is the third of Guy’s books that Steve has illustrated for Barrington Stoke and we really hope our plucky heroine, Laura Norder returns with more adventures in the future.
Steve May is represented by Arena Illustration.

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