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You Are Like A Seed

A charming book with a powerful message, Alyssa De Asis' illustrations help teach children the value of self love

This month sees the release of You Are Like A Seed a beautiful book which teaches children the value of self worth and the power of staying positive, written by Michaun Madsen and illustrated by Alyssa De Asis.

Alyssa tells us a bit about the book,

"I recently illustrated a children’s book, entitled “You are Like a Seed” written by Michaun Madsen, published by DeVorss & Company. The story teaches kids to trust their authentic self, knowing they already have what it takes to grow and be happy. There are many ways to help a seed grow up strong and healthy. The same can be said of a child and the benefits of a happy and healthy home, with a nurturing family that tends the garden and feeds the soul. Author Michaun Madsen saw the similarities and created a story illustrating this growth process so young minds can actually see and better understand the benefits of a healthy body, mind, and spirit."
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The book is available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Alyssa De Asis is represented by Illustration Ltd

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