The SAA are very pleased to be supporting the World Illustration Awards by sponsoring The SAA Agents Award for New Talent.

Beugism was selected to work on the project by Louise Grant — the Head of events at Silicon Milkroundabout — working together through rounds of sketching on Procreate and feedback, with the approved roughs being vectorised on Illustrator.

Vectorising his images also leant itself to being easily animated, which Beaugism called the “most fun part of the project…”

“I have not had the opportunity to work with animation before and this project presented an excellent opportunity to explore After Effects.”

Looking to inject a little playfulness, the illustrations feature a diverse cast of characters engaging in different activities themed around hiring and job hunting, bringing to mind newspaper gags and humour cartoons but with a contemporary boldness in the line-work. People take flight with the aid of drones, are piggybacked to their goal by good natured robots or form connections over their matching clothing choices; Beugism has created an ideal tech utopia that wears its humorous heart on its sleeve.

Beugism is represented by The Artworks

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