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Catherine Pearson creates elegantly animated illustrations highlighting Swiss jewellery.

Catherine Pearson has been commissioned by HV Zurich Agency on behalf of the Association of Swiss Goldsmiths and Watchmakers to create a panoramic illustration, incorporating five scenes that showcase Swiss jewellery. The scenes were then separately animated (animated by for socials, showing Catherine’s style to be perfectly suited to elegant movement.

Watch the video HERE: Catherine Pearson - Association of Swiss Watchmakers and Jewellers

Taking inspiration from magazines and fashion shoots as well as Zurich scenery, Catherine made sure to leave herself plenty of time to balance the colour and elements in such a complex composition, where everything needs to work as one as well as separately;

“The composition was the most challenging part, keeping the right balance of detail and texture (which I morally love to add a ton of!) so that they don’t overshadow the vibrancy of the jewellery.”

The result is extremely fashionable and elegant. The touches of movement bring your eye to the jewellery, and accentuate the already bold characters in Catherine’s work, “I loved working on something more fashion based and feminine in beautiful scenery plus it’s always a joy to see my work animated!”

Catherine Pearson is represented by The Artworks

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February 2021

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