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Phosphor Welcomes Iris de Luz

Phosphor are pleased to introduce you to Iris de Luz, their latest signing. Iris specialises in digital collage and is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking at her work is like stepping into a dream world...

After spending several years working as a graphic designer, Iris decided to pursue illustration, which she feels is her true passion. When she discovered the digital collage technique she uses now, it opened up a new world for her to express her magical universes.

Many different photographic elements (of parts of flower petals, seaweed, precious stones, food,objects) and some 3d vector shapes make up each piece of Iris' dazzling artwork. She spends hours looking at photographs to find the right textures for the job at hand, and says, "I think of them as if they were part of a digital ecosystem where each element, when joined with others, builds a new character".

Iris' dream job is to illustrate for children, helping educate others through the stories and imagery that take over her imagination.

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