The SAA are very pleased to be supporting the World Illustration Awards by sponsoring The SAA Agents Award for New Talent.

Some of what the SAA has been up to…

The SAA and its member agencies have beensupporting the Agents for Change – Diversifying Illustration Group (AFC). Agents for Change is an assembly of illustration-based agencies in the UK, working together with the shared goal of increasing diversity by helping the under-represented across the creative industry. The group has recently conducted a diversity survey across the combined rosters of its member agencies and the results will be published on the group’s website which is slated to launch on 29th March.

The SAA has also input to a recent combined Association of Illustrators and Society of Authors submission to the House of Lords which was consulting about the future of the UK-EU services trade sector after Brexit. The SAA has also supplied the Association with updated information for illustrators and their agencies regarding tax provisions and documentation when trading with Europe and the rest of the world. This included an update regarding VAT post-Brexit. The SAA continues to support The British Copyright Council and is represented on the BCC’s Copyright and Technology Working Group.

Laurindo Feliciano is exhibiting all across Paris in a city-wide curated event by Mika and JC Deceaux

Laurindo Feliciano has been invited by British poster Mika, to be one of ten artists who will exhibit their work in public spaces all across Paris. Temporarily transforming the city into an open-air art gallery, Laurindo and the other artists work can be seen across 2500 sights, including billboards, flags and Morris columns, giving the city a fresh sense of creative vitality.

Laurindo’s piece is inspired by the surrealism movement and the posters of the Belle Epoque, featuring other-worldly heads gazing out of columns while we view the images as they are mounted to the Morris columns across Paris; an incredible contribution to a one-of-a-kind exhibition.

Laurindo Feliciana is represented by The Artworks


Laurence Whiteley Portfolio Update!

Laurence Whiteley creates beautiful flat colour illustrations that hark back to Cassandra as well as the tourist posters of the 50’s, the travel poster style of the 30’s and the familiar propaganda posters of the last century.

Laurence Whiteley is represented by NB illustration


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