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Julia Castaño collides classic and contemporary for Corning Gorilla Glass’ company retrospective

Perfectly matching popular fashion and design, Bright Artist Julia Castaño  brings her verve and energy to Corning Gorilla Glass’ illustrated overview of their company history, as well as the science behind their beloved products.

Julia Castaño is represented by The Bright Agency

Mary Woodin illustrates “Witchcraft for the Home”.

Mary Woodin has worked with publisher Callisto media illustrating Witchcraft For The Home, a guide on how to practice spells, rituals and remedies for achieving a cleansed, protected, balanced and magical home. Illustrating ingredients from remedies and spells in a light, warm and welcoming colour palette, Mary’s images are an inviting glimpse into the practical world of witchcraft that avoids clichés, you won’t see a wand, pointy hat or cauldron in sight!


Hannah Riordan illustrates ‘Red Sauce, Brown Sauce; A British Breakfast Odyssey’

Hannah Riordan has created the cover illustration and end papers for ‘Red Sauce, Brown Sauce; A British Breakfast Odyssey’, the latest travel memoir from Felicity Cloake published by Mudlark. The cover captures the titular sauces in all their glory and incorporates key landscapes from throughout the book.


Luiza Laffitte/Tastillery


Five alcohol themed advent calendars are handsomely illustrated by Luiza Laffitte for Tastillery.

Luiza worked with Parisian agency Millecent on the project which involved her creating packaging illustrations for calendars containing 24 taste bottles of Gin, Whisky, Rum, Scotch and World Spirits.



Luiza adds, "To represent each drink, we focused on a main theme and color, each box has a unique universe and feeling. We also focused on making something amusing, each box has a lot of fun and crazy details."

See the calendars here.


Luiza Laffitte is represented by IllustrationX 

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