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Matt Saunders makes it on Broadway

We're not sure if 'Making it big on Broadway' was ever on Matt Saunders' career bucket list, but we reckon his terrific work for the much anticipated stage adaptation of The Kite Runner deserves a standing ovation!

Call us biased, but we think the critics will all agree that Matt's carefully considered style was a perfect choice for this iconic production. The rich colours and subtle detail lends itself perfectly to the beautiful, complex story that is Hosseini's Kite Runner.


It's something I've always wanted to do, ever since I saw how Edward Gorey worked on Dracula - one day I'd love to do the stage design.”

Matt's key illustration now proudly adorns the posters, tickets and signage for the Broadway production of the award winning novel/film The Kite Runner - written by Khaled Hosseini and adapted for stage by Matthew Spangler. You can see the show (and Matt's handiwork!) at Hayes Theatre on Times Square until the end of October 2022.

Lights, curtains, action!

Matt Saunders is represented by Handsome Frank Illustration Agency.

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