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Levi Pinfold – Paradise Sands

A spell-binding tale of enchantment artfully told by Levi with hauntingly beautiful artwork.

When a young girl and her brothers step into a ghostly hotel, they fall under the spell of the mysterious Teller.

“Washed clean in his pool, we fall under his rule

Away from what is, for we are now his.”

She makes a deal with him to free them all from his haunting paradise. But can she hold up her side of the bargain?

The enigmatic story is set in a hot, dry, dusty place, where our young main character seems so small compared to her environment and the huge and strangely beautiful hotel, where her brothers are caught under a spell. Levi’s language is sparse and and perfectly matches the dusty, ochre colour palette. Paradise Sands leaves the reader wondering about its meaning, yet feeling like we have heard this old fable before, deep in the memories of our own childhood.

Published this month by Walker Studio, Paradise Sands is already gaining starred reviews:

“Pinfold’s stunning illustration, with majestic animals, stretching landscapes and Charn-like edifices, stayed with me long after I closed the final page” - Charlotte Eyre, The Bookseller.

Levi Pinfold is represented by Arena Illustration.

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