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Created by Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjoern, this epic animated interactive special invites the audience to help pet siblings on their journey to save the universe and find their human. 



In a recent interview with Chris Garbutt, he explained how the project originated:

“We knew we wanted to do a very character-driven story, and took inspiration for the personalities of Pud and Ham from our own cats. So, we put a handful of pages together (a cover page, a written synopsis, and some mood board images), and then pitched it to Netflix along with some other ideas. They immediately responded to We Lost Our Human, and after a bit of fleshing out of the pitch deck, they brought us in-house to their new animation studio in Hollywood to develop the project further.”


There were many unexpected challenges that arose because of the unique non-linear, branching narrative including challenging audience expectations as they are encouraged to interact with the content to help Pud and Ham make decisions. Chris goes into more depth in his interview with us HERE.


We Lost Our Human is a perfect interactive special for children who are looking to learn some soft skills from media and have fun at the same time. For parents, this is a perfect way to keep their kids busy while also making sure that they aren’t picking up on something that would be harmful to them.

We Lost Our Human is streaming on Netflix NOW!

Chris Garbutt is represented by Arena Illustration.

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