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Bob Venables X Kwak World

Bob Venables creates a 'Kwak World' for the Belgian beer's recent rebrand.

This was an enjoyable and mammoth project for Bob which involved producing packaging artwork and a whole host of elements for an animated TV ad.

The award-winning beer brand commissioned Bob for his highly imaginative skills which have seen his art on trams and even hot-air balloons! Bob explains, "It was a lovely job to work on that involved the initial bottle label, which meant supplying a dozen or so sketches of the figure to decide which would eventually be used, then with the final one giving options on the details like buttons and ties. It then moved on to packaging to create a Kwak world that should be imaginative, quirky, unorthodox, curious and surreal. That meant illustrating caramel balloons, nougat bees, almond birds, banana penny farthings, hop windmills and many more. At the marketing stage I drew all the figures and backgrounds for the animated TV ad to create a 30 second film. Further to this, the artwork has been used on posters, trams, inflatable display figures and hot air balloons. It was a wonderful job to work on and to see the illustrations used in so many different situations.  There are over 70 different individual pieces so far, many painted overnight, as the deadlines where incredibly short, especially to keep the animators supplied, but I prefer that way of working rather than long timescales."

WATCH the animation.

Bob Venables is represented by IllustrationX

Glenfiddich X Yixin

Yixin Zeng works with Glenfiddich on a limited edition design for 2023.

Yixin has created exquisite and decorative packaging art for Glenfiddich's Asian New Year 2023, used to promote the product globally for their 'Extraordinary Journeys' campaign.

From an indulgent presentation box to an animated video, an immersive experience and billboard ads, the commanding illustration is a complex design combining a proud deer with nature and Asian culture.



Yixin explains his inspiration, "My creation is a combination of all nature: air, barley, water, these natural creators, they brew the extraordinary flavor of Glenfiddich; Burst into a wonderful romantic moment. In these dense and complex groves of quiet trees, birds sing and pray for the blessing of the koi and join Glenfiddich in celebrating the Chinese New Year. High mountains and flowing water, the lights dim: flowers bloom, colorful; The ears of wheat danced, and the gun saluted. The shape of the branches, I draw inspiration from the Chinese traditional pattern and auspicious animals, such as: the shape of the air extended with auspicious cloud pattern, antler pattern respectively extended with pheasant, pangolin, phoenix, dragon, peacock feathers, Chinese knot and so on. The flower decoration is derived from the traditional coin of "round heaven and round earth".

A technical and intricate illustration in its balance of multiple elements, Yixin has created a breathtaking visual, one which can be viewed for some time as the eye surveys the rich and symbolic composition. He adds, "I want my paintings to convey the vitality of nature, a unique and beautiful feeling: when you look at the details, you can touch the familiar feeling of the Chinese year buried in the hearts of the Chinese people (that is the meaning of the extraordinary journey)."WATCH the video.


Lisa Sheehan / AT&T 147th Anniversary Ampersand


AT&T was inspired by the logos Lisa created for Saatchi & Saatchi, but they wanted their own unique spin on it. Lisa heavily utilized AT&T blue, and the CGI Ampersand features a variety of items that represent important moments from AT&T’s long history, including a phone for Alexander Graham Bell and the moon to represent the first call made from the moon. Lisa worked with AT&T’s creative team to lock in how to represent historical moments that would be instantly recognizable to the viewer. The piece was originally intended for social channels and internal use only, but the brand loved it so much, Lisa re-worked the image to jumbo size and the piece was projected onto AT&T’s building for all passers-by to enjoy.


More of Lisa’s work can be viewed here:

Pretty Boy (Robert Smith Remix) – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Alex Williamson

Alex Williamson was commissioned by Ignition Records to create image for Noel Gallagher’s ‘Pretty Boy (Robert Smith) Remix’ music video. He worked alongside Chris Curtis who brought Alex’s visuals to life.

More of Alex’s work can be viewed at -

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