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Commissioning Dave Hopkins is Elementary

Phosphor's Dave Hopkins put his signature pen and ink style to good use recently, illustrating the cover of The Worlds of Sherlock Holmes: The Inspiration Behind the World's Greatest Detective by Andrew Lycett. The book will be published by Quarto in October.

Dave Hopkins is an illustrator with a very well established reputation, who specialises in all forms of line work.

His styles range from modern to traditional, incorporating pen and ink, pastiches of steel and wood engravings, and various woodcut styles, all in black and white as well as colour. He is highly regarded for his great attention to detail, always answers the brief, and is proud of the fact that he has never missed a deadline or had a rejection in his long career. Over the years he has won many awards for his work which spans every genre in the business.

Investigate Dave's portfolio further here and get in touch with Trina at Phosphor if you'd like to commission Dave for your next project.

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