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Steve Stone

Steve Stone has been represented by Artist Partners for many years and has gathered a huge fanbase and following over those years, his fabulous artwork has adorned many book covers, film posters, and album covers both here in the UK and the US.

His spectacular and epic artwork is appreciated by many art directors and designers , and he has been commissioned to produce covers for the best of authors including Stephen King , Arthur C Clarke, Wilbur Smith, Neal Asher and many many more.

We have just updated his portfolio with some new and  stunning images - please go  and check it out Steve Stone | Artist | Artist Partners

Angelo Rinaldi

Angelo Rinaldi is well known for his epic and powerful imagery - he has developed some fantastic images over the lockdown …

Captain Morgan coming to life …His  beautiful realistic painterly style is always popular with publishers world-wide and the theatre  poster market - having produced a number of well known images for the stage  in the past.

This image depicts the 17 century welsh privateer of the Caribbean ready for action to protect his  cargo and his bottle of Rum ….

For more of Angelo’s fabulous images please go to the website at Artist Partners - Angelo Rinaldi | Illustrator | Artist Partners

Lord of the Flies/Stephen Player

The novel Lord of The Flies written by William Golding in 1954, and in every way a classic in anyone’s library or book collection - this book inspired Stephen Player  to start experimenting with his style, and this rather dramatic image is the outcome. This seminal classic is always in the list of must reads - which explores the darker side of humanity.

For more of dramatic images please go to the Artist Partners website for more brilliant images by Stephen. Stephen Player | Illustrator | Artist Partners

Diana Mayo: Snow Ghost

How many more sleeps until Christmas? Its fast approaching and we have some lovely books hitting the bookshelves.

This wonderful book written by Tony Mitton and beautifully illustrated by our own Diana Mayo and published by Bloomsbury  is a timeless and magical story about belonging.


The book is a festive treat for the eyes, and the ideal Christmas gift.

For more of Diana’s fabulous work please go to the Artist Partners website to see more of her stunning  images.

Jamie Edler

Our  hugely talented contemporary artist/illustrator Jamie Edler has been working on new and dynamic  images, and he has now  concentrated his thoughts on some stylish classic covers.


Here is his wonderful image for the cover  inspired by the classic Animal Farm, written by George Orwell and first published in 1945.


For more of Jamie’s phenomenal work please check out the website at Artist Partners - Jamie Edler - Artist Partners

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