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Lisa McGuinness



Focusing on another local artist, Artist Partners have also enlisted - the brilliantly talented Lisa McGuinness.

We think her lovely realistic paintings of real characters,  are  just perfect for the YA marketplace -

Lisa  has spent most of her career as a designer working in fashion and shoe design, taking her all over the world.

Her beautiful work is expressive and stylish - her love of commercial fashion means she’s able to use her art translating it into magazine covers, advertising and branding. 

For more of Lisa’s fabulous work check it out on our website: Lisa McGuinness - Artist Partners

Angel Doll by Sophie Tilley

I couldn’t resist posting this beautiful Christmas image of an Angel doll by our very own Sophie Tilley! The doll is designed and made by Sophie which is just one of her many talents!
Sophie is the artist responsible for the charming illustrations in the highly successful series of books published by Simon and Schuster  "Princess Evies Ponies" written by Sarah Kilbride.
Sophie is happiest creating her own characters and animals, and has developed lots of arts and crafts ideas which she promotes on the Etsy site.
She also designs and develops a range of children’s products, notebooks, character dolls, soft toys and decorative stationary items.
With the obvious French influences of her mother, Sophie always brings a little more in French style to her designs and illustrations.
At the moment she is working on a series of books based on her own characters and writing. More to be revealed very soon!

Sophie is represented by Artist Partners

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April 2024

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