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Frances Castle: Interactive Games for The Mary Rose Museum

Frances Castle was commissioned by a new media design agency to illustrate two interactive games for The Mary Rose Museum. Built alongside HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the new state-of-the-art museum houses Henry VIII's famous warship and many of the 19,000 artifacts which were recovered with it from the sea in 1982. 52,000 visitors have already flooded through the museum's doors since it opened on 31st May!
Frances had to illustrate objects and characters for 'What's for Dinner' which gives visitors a chance to choose the menu for a crew of over 500 men and officers. She also designed a fun shooting game called 'Foil the French' featuring four different types of guns with different firing ranges – visitors are set the challenge to disable the enemy ships in order to capture them, not to sink them!
Frances Castle is represented by Arena

Thomas Flintham: Bonkers World Magazine for Best Western

Bert and Winnie are Thomas Flintham's super brother and sister duo for Bonkers World - the new kids' magazine for Best Western Hotels Kids' Club. The children's motto is Discover & Explore, which is exactly what they do with the help of their loveable sidekick, Gordon the Hamster. Each issue finds the trio in different locations seeking adventure and getting into high jinx with a random assortment of characters along the way. There are plenty of puzzles, activities, facts and fun throughout - mazes, dot-to-dots, riddles, competitions, quizzes and even recipes. Thomas Flintham is represented by Arena


Matilda Harrison: To Bee or Not to Bee

We’re always interested in seeing our illustrators personal work, so we were delighted when Matilda Harrison sent us this. She has always loved to experiment with visual quotes and this is a recent interpretation of one by the Bard himself. Matilda's style of painting is influenced by naïve and folk art but filtered through a sophisticated eye, each brush stroke is meticulously considered and her work always has a very strong narrative quality to it. Matilda Harrison is represented by Arena

Just Published: Thomas Flintham’s Super-Fantastic Puzzles

Following on from his bestselling Marvellous Mazes, the talented Thomas Flintham has a new book published this month by Scholastic. Thomas Flintham's Super-Fantastic Puzzles is an adventure through Puzzleland, 'where you never know what puzzling place, person or creature you'll find next'. Thomas finds puzzles in everything: a field full of crows, a dinosaur tangle and a hungry dragon. This is a puzzle book that boggles your mind with intricate quests to find lost treasures, before facing the spot-the-difference puzzles. With 60 puzzles, it's perfect for those rainy afternoons.

Thomas Flintham is represented by Arena

Serge Seidlitz Jigsaw Puzzles

Serge Seidltz was commissioned by Educational Insights to design 8 children's jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle is made up of between 24 and 48 pieces with words printed on one side and parts of the picture on the other.
The puzzles work by choosing a piece, reading the word on it and searching the puzzle tray for the synonym to that word and then setting the piece in place. Finishing the puzzle then reveals the hidden picture.

Serge Seidlitz is represented by Debut Art

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