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GRUMBUG! by Adam Stower

Grumbug! is Adam Stower's beautifully illustrated new picture book, follow up to the charming Troll and the Oliver

Grumbug - LayoutsUK5.indd

Grumbug - LayoutsUK5.indd

Featuring best friends Oliver and Troll who are now running a cafe in the woods just for Trolls who love to eat lots of their sumptuous home baked cakes. When Oliver's little sister Dolly goes missing, panic rises as the Trolls warn Oliver about the biggest, meanest, grumpiest  and greenest Troll of all, Grumbug! Not deterred by the warning, Oliver sets off on a quest to find Dolly armed with an enormous cake (just incase they meet a hungry Grumbug) which Troll carries up Munch mountain. What do they find at the top? Do they rescue Dolly?

Grumbug - LayoutsUK5.indd

Adam Stower is represented by Arena Illustration 

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