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Men’s Health’s Five Great British Adventures by Rive Gauche Studio – Marcel Laverdet

Phosphor Art are pleased to now be representing Rive Gauche Studio artist Marcel Laverdet, a very versatile illustrator. Marcel's best known for his 3D work, but his talents also extend to pastiche artworks.

Recently he completed a set of illustrations for Men's Health Magazine in an 'epic, painterly' style for an article on Five Great British Adventures: Climbing the Old Man of Hay in the Orkneys, Swimming The Channel, Sea Kayaking, Climbing the Three Peaks and Running Across The Devon Moors. Marcel created the illusion of oil paintings using his impressive digital skills, meaning the artwork was completed in record time too!

See more of Marcel's work on the Phosphor Art website. The widespread use of has accelerated the rate at which bacteria become resistant to them.




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