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Cadbury – 200th Birthday – Vince McIndoe.


Vince McIndoe was commissioned along with several other artists to create key art to celebrate Cadbury’s 200th birthday. Vince’s image will be used on 6-sheet posters and social campaigns throughout 2024.


More of Vince’s work can be view here -

Mandy Millie Flockton’s Pastiche Artworks

Phosphor's Mandy Millie Flockton is a woman of many talents... not only does she create stunning illustrations for children's books, detailed equine paintings and handbound books, she's also a skilled pastiche artist. Recently, Mandy has created a stunning artwork of Prince Harry in the style of Van Gogh, plus a da Vinci style portrait featuring a very large rabbit.


To see more, head to the pastiche portfolio or Mandy's personal portfolio on the Phosphor website, or get in touch with agent, Trina, to commission a pastiche of your favourite artist.

Pastiche’s Speedy Oils for Autotrader

Phosphor Art's Pastiche artist recently took on a last minute job for Autotrader - completing nine oil-style paintings in just two weeks! The paintings were used in a Facebook App created for Autotrader by New York Agency 72andSunny - you can see them in action here.
The images were part of Autotrader and 72andSunny's 'Finally, It's Easy' campaign, for which they also enlisted Derek Waters, the director and creator of Comedy Central's Drunk History to create some entertaining adverts.
So, next time you are looking for a Pastiche artist to do a great job in a short time frame, check out the Pastiche portfolio on the Phosphor Art website, where you'll find more of the images created for Autotrader.

Dave Hopkins Illustrates The Royal Art of Poison Cover

Phosphor Art's Dave Hopkins was commissioned by Duckworth to illustrate this stunning cover of the UK edition of Eleanor Herman's book The Royal Art of Poison: Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicines and Murder Most Foul.
Dave's artwork in his signature pen and ink style has been getting a lot of love on social media.
See more of Dave's detailed illustrations in .

The Lady & Pastiche celebrate 100 Years of The WRNS

Phosphor Art want to share with you this beautiful illustration Pastiche created for The Lady Magazine. Pastiche artist Jon painted a "Wren" in his retro style to celebrate 100 years of the Women's Royal Air Force. The team at The Lady thought his work was beautiful and really captured the spirit of The Wrens.


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