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BT Sport Mascot Campaign by Jon Rogers AKA Pastiche


AMV recently contacted Phosphor Art with details of a mammoth project for BT Sport - an Out of Home campaign promoting 'Four Competitions, One Venue'. The resulting artwork focused on the mascots of several football teams from The Europa League, The Champions League, The FA Cup and The Premier League. Jon Rogers was tasked with painting each mascot in a classical renaissance style, fighting no holds barred towards a football.

Jon was picked for his incredible pastiche painting skills, combined with his impressive digital ability. Each element was painted by hand, scanned in and then comped together digitally, with the whole process taking just over five weeks. We think the results are stunning and will have the public in a competition of their own trying to identify the teams based on their mascots - how many can you name?

See more of Jon Rogers' work on the Phosphor Art website under the names Jon Rogers and Pastiche Pastiche.

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