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Sebastian Curi on the cover of New York Times Kids Magazine

It was a big moment for Sebastian Curi who’s distinctive digits made it to the cover of the New York Times Kids magazine this month, perfectly communicating a powerful environmental message. A “dream come true” and very well deserved following a busy year for Curi.

You can see lots more of Sebastian’s work over at


Michelle Thompson – Summer Exhibition

If you ever want to see some of Michelle Thompson’s work you rarely have to look further than your local newsagents. Her work regularly adorns the pages of papers like Guardian and The Economist, covering every topic from the Theory of Evolution to revenge porn.

However, for anyone looking for a slightly more permanent fixture (or simply at a loose end after picking up their weekly groceries at Fortnum & Mason) a quick trip to the recent Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition would reveal a familiar name on the wall.

“The Journey” was originally submitted to the RA in February, after a friend of Michelle’s was suddenly forced to leave her home and family along with thousands of others.

The piece was created on the week that the Ukraine War started. A friend who I had met through NFTs was in Kiev and had to leave her husband with two small children - hence “The Journey” title.

 Michelle’s work is often responsive, and has her voice layered within her found and altered images - weaving narrative amongst the textures she is so well known for. When the assault on Ukraine began, for Michelle the personal connection made it impossible to separate from her work.

For the first time I knew people that were affected, all my personal work in the next couple of weeks seemed to be really dark.

“The Journey” isn’t Michelle’s first piece to be selected for the RA’s annual event - her collage “The Red Dress”, created on the back of one of her grandad's sketchbooks, was shown in 2020. If you missed the exhibition, never fear! You can get your very own limited edition print here

Michelle Thompson is represented by Handsome Frank Illustration Agency. To see more of her exceptional work you can view her portfolio at

Michael Palin Illustrations / The Red Dress

The Red Dress have been commissioned for a second time to create artworks for actor, comedian, writer and public speaker Michael Palin. This time for cover artwork for his new book ‘Into Iraq’, which is in an insight into the history and culture of the country after his trip there in March 2022.

Previously The Red Dress illustrated the cover art for his ‘North Korea Journal’ book, which documented the diaries and accounts of his time in the secretive country.

More of the Red Dress’ work can be viewed here -


Stewart Easton


Stewart Easton's work crosses over from paper to embroidery with such ease - and it has a very enthusiastic following, and interesting collaborations along the way like the embroidery patches shown below with @patchyalater.

Here are just a couple of his images showcasing both styles - for more please go to our website: Stewart Easton | Artist | Artist Partners

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