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Introducing…Raxenne Maniquiz

We strongly recommend taking a moment to just stare at the beautiful, intricate work of Raxenne Maniquiz. Say hello to our newest artist...


It doesn't take long to fall in love with Raxenne's work. We should know as we're proud to say that this wildly accomplished illustrator and graphic designer is the newest member of Handsome Frank crew!


Some may be familiar with Raxenne after she won the prestigious Young Gun award in 2021. She will now be returning as a judge this year to support the competition that identifies and celebrates today’s vanguard of young creatives.


No matter the subject matter, Raxenne's skill for storytelling and bold designs capture the eye and spark the imagination. You can feel the consideration and attention to detail in each piece, resonating with deep, jewel tone palettes.

Whether it's a single pair of trainers or a lush landscape, you can always expect to see intricate layered textures, brilliant colours and careful compositions.


It probably won't surprise anyone to hear that Raxenne's mesmerising handiwork can already be found across multiple brands, apparel and publications.

Her impressive client list includes Adobe, Bloomberg, Dr.Martens, Doubleday, Jordan, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Shake Shack, Stefan Sagmeister, and Uniqlo to name a few. And now - the Handsome Frank homepage!

See Raxenne’s incredible portfolio at

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