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We celebrate the publication of Sammy and the Extra-Hot Chilli Powder, the latest adventure by Charlie P. Brooks, masterfully illustrated by Steve who brings his comic magic to this brilliant read.




Sammy is an extraordinary sniffer dog with an excellent sense of smell and nose for trouble! She can sniff out ANYTHING - diamonds, watches, explosives and even parrots… until she sniffs some EXTRA-HOT chilli powder one day and loses her sense of smell completely! But thanks to her BHF (Best Human Friend), Beanie, who helps her get it back, it’s not long before she sniffs out trouble again and her sniffer dog skills are in demand once more as she emBARKS on foiling a diamond heist. She’ll have to use all her instincts to save the day!

"I love drawing dogs although I usually approach them with a fair amount of 'Steve May' artistic licence but this one required specific breeds so I enjoyed the challenge of drawing Sammy and her pals. There's also a wonderfully snooty cat cat called Mogpuss who was rather fun to imagine too!" - Steve May

Steve May is represented by Arena Illustration.

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