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Steve May and the Jiggy McCue series

Steve May, has completed twelve wickedly funny covers for the re-launch of Orchard’s popular Jiggy McCue series. With titles including, The Killer Underpants, The Snottle and One for All and All for Lunch, Orchard could not have picked a more appropriate illustrator. 

 Visit the Jiggy website to see more books and take part in the Official Jiggy McCue Pants Olympics:

Steve May is represented by ARENA, and you can see more of his work on the SAA Hub here

Bill Garland and Schweppes

Bill Garland, whose work for Mother advertising includes Coca Cola, Stella Artois and now Schweppes,  has spent the last few months painting a set of extraordinary backdrops for an very original Schweppes TV campaign. Several arms are noticeably absent in the pictures, and these are replaced by live actors’ arms appearing through holes, gesturing and clasping drinks.  A very complex project but some great results which can be seen on screen now until Christmas.

To see more of Bill's work click here

Wall to Wall

One huge and exciting challenge was set for Miss Led this month after visiting Marcelle Symons at her boutique in London.

Miss Led was requested to cover as much wall space as possible, across 3 floors, adjoining corridors, walls, stairs and doors to include changing rooms. All in just 2 weeks! Plans are set for a return to the site for some live window painting next month.

Miss Led is represented by Illustration Ltd. View her portfolio here

Ronald Kurniawan and Michelin Tyres

Ronald Kurniawan (represented by Debut Art) has been working with TBWA New York on a global postercampaign for Michelin Tyres.

The posters accompany an animated TV commercial by animation studio Psyop. The campaign launched in the US in October and will be rolled out across 55 countries from early 2010.

The Story of Things by Neal Layton

Following the success of Neal’s first historical pop-up book The Story of Everything (a unique perspective on the Big Bang theory and Evolution) he has now released its sequel, The Story of Things, yet another pop-up masterpiece. This clever book explores the history of “things” that we take for granted: from the stone age to the modern age in 10 imaginative pop-up spreads. Neal is represented by Arena


Open Neal's portfolio here

Thanksgiving Rules, illustrated by Teresa Murfin

The recently published picture book Thanksgiving Rules is Teresa's second book with the American Publisher Carolrhoda. This story follows Percy as he realizes there is more to this delicious holiday than stuffed turkey and sweet potatoes. View more of Teresa’s recent work on her updated portfolio. Teresa is represented by Arena


Open Teresa's portfolio here

Soho Poster Art

Popping up around London right now is Alyana Cazalet’s nifty (and highly stylish) poster artwork for Soho’s Star Café. Commissioned by Sarah Benson at CHI and Partners, Alyana’s loose, understated lines, and dots of colour make for quality design. Alyana is represented by Illustration Ltd


See Alyana's portfolio here

Meet Bompas and Parr

Still a bit peckish? Meet spectacular and unique installation artists, Bompas & Parr (illustration Ltd), whose medium of choice is jelly. This is jelly as art, jelly that functions in the space between food and architecture. Recent projects include a vast glowing jelly installation for SFMOMA and Alcoholic Architecture, a walk in cloud of breathable G&T.


Phosphor Art presents: Pastiche

Jon Rogers, renowned pastiche artist, produced five exciting images art-directed by Jake and Dinos Chapman, for an unusual project for Harpers Bazaar featuring photos of Claudia Shiffer. Jon’s brief was to produce blood-curdling paintings reminiscent of the horror genre of the 1950s, which would act as backdrops to a unique photo shoot. The inspiration came from the Harpers Bazaar brief, “Capturing Claudia.”

Open Pastiche's portfolio here

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