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Jyotirmayee Patra for The Cosy Club.

The Cosy Club at Christmas....a rich and lustrous festive illustration is designed by Jyotirmayee Patra for The Cosy Club.

Commissioned by Common Ground Agency, JP's art is used as the lead visual for the luxury diner's Christmas bookings.

The Cosy Club offers opulent surroundings, twinkling chandeliers and flowing champagne for your holiday celebration in a setting which offers relaxed dining and drinking with a touch of timeless glamour. JP's art has the sophistication, beauty and indulgence key to the company's brand evoking jubilation, good food, drink, and company.

Jyotirmayee Patra is represented by IllustrationX

Sally Taylor

Sally Taylor has been represented by Artist Partners for a number of years, and her strength is often in her lovely black and white decorative style illustrations.


Publishers love using her on Covers, and maps and chapter illustrations and decorative features for internal book illustrations.


We have just updated her  lovely work  on the Artist Partners portfolio : Sally Taylor | Artist | Artist Partners

Glenfiddich X Yixin

Yixin Zeng works with Glenfiddich on a limited edition design for 2023.

Yixin has created exquisite and decorative packaging art for Glenfiddich's Asian New Year 2023, used to promote the product globally for their 'Extraordinary Journeys' campaign.

From an indulgent presentation box to an animated video, an immersive experience and billboard ads, the commanding illustration is a complex design combining a proud deer with nature and Asian culture.



Yixin explains his inspiration, "My creation is a combination of all nature: air, barley, water, these natural creators, they brew the extraordinary flavor of Glenfiddich; Burst into a wonderful romantic moment. In these dense and complex groves of quiet trees, birds sing and pray for the blessing of the koi and join Glenfiddich in celebrating the Chinese New Year. High mountains and flowing water, the lights dim: flowers bloom, colorful; The ears of wheat danced, and the gun saluted. The shape of the branches, I draw inspiration from the Chinese traditional pattern and auspicious animals, such as: the shape of the air extended with auspicious cloud pattern, antler pattern respectively extended with pheasant, pangolin, phoenix, dragon, peacock feathers, Chinese knot and so on. The flower decoration is derived from the traditional coin of "round heaven and round earth".

A technical and intricate illustration in its balance of multiple elements, Yixin has created a breathtaking visual, one which can be viewed for some time as the eye surveys the rich and symbolic composition. He adds, "I want my paintings to convey the vitality of nature, a unique and beautiful feeling: when you look at the details, you can touch the familiar feeling of the Chinese year buried in the hearts of the Chinese people (that is the meaning of the extraordinary journey)."WATCH the video.


Artist Spotlight: Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith is a painter of repute, she has been represented by Artist Partners since the early 70's To try and describe her work it is influenced by Vivianne Westwood, Dolce and Gabbana and Tribal and Ritual weddings, and baroque decoration. Her paintings can be seen in galleries and in private homes, and her recent series of paintings have been described as flowing organic natural lines, contrasting with complex decoupage textures, glowing gold and saturated colours.

A dramatic melange of pearls, brass findings, antiqued pewter , vinyl trade beads, Turquoise and`Jade. Caroline has designed packaging, tarot cards, editorial images, and book covers, and has also had her work published by The Folio Society.

For more of her stunning work please look at the website here

The Power of Disney


Sveta Dorosheva draws a fascinating illustration for the LA Times on the attraction of Disney theme parks.

The article is written by a Disney addict and looks into why many people visit the parks continuously despite the fact that it'd be cheaper to have a holiday somewhere else. Is the attraction the escape from reality where everything is fake? Sveta's artwork is a beautifully detailed dissection of the brain, playfully illustrated with feel good Disney icons, read the article here.


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