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Luiza Laffitte for Disney LATAM


Collaborating with Disney LATAM, Luiza Laffitte designs assets for their 100 Years project.

Luiza was thrilled to be part of the Disney 100 Years Assets project with other artists, and worked on cute images that were presented to the stores globally within an assets catalogue.


Luiza explains, "To commemorate a century of enchanting tales, Disney extended a special invitation to artists worldwide, and I was fortunate enough to be among the chosen few. For this extraordinary project, each artist was tasked with reimagining their favorite Disney character, and without hesitation, I selected the beloved Donald Duck as my muse. The overarching goal was to craft a captivating collection of illustrations, destined to be featured in a catalog celebrating 100 years of Disney magic. This catalog, brimming with artistic interpretations, was intended to serve as a valuable resource for Disney stores globally. I’m proud with the opportunity to contribute alongside an array of talented artists and expressing my creative vision through the endearing Donald Duck was an immensely rewarding and cherished experience."


Luiza Laffitte is represented by IllustrationX

Hitandrun / A Magical Moment for Barron’s Magazine

Dow Jones publication Barron’s Magazine commissioned CGI artist Hitandrun to create a cover-worthy illustration for a story about Disney’s battleground stock and why the “magic” might be returning to the stock.

Art Director Lynne Carty came to Hitandrun with an idea in mind—a 3D render of Disneyland’s famous Mickey statue coming back to life ala fairy dust. Hitandrun reviewed classic Disney magic samples from over the years—Fairy Godmother transforming Cinderella’s dress, Pinocchio becoming a real boy, etc-- to get the look just right. For the interior image, Hitandrun was tasked with showing other notable Disney characters from notable brands within in the company like Marvel and Star Wars as a nod to the company as a whole, and reminder of the scale of Disney. Together, the images create a fun and hopeful vibe for a story encouraging readers to consider re-investing in the company’s stock.


More of Hitandrun’s work can be viewed here:

Araña and Spider-Man 2099/Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor's cover for a new Spiderman novel featuring Latinx characters gets a fantastic response.

Working with Marvel and Disney Publishing Worldwide, Carolina was delighted to create a cover illustration for Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow.

The novel is written by Alex Segura and features Anya Corazón - also known as Araña who goes on a new adventure that puts her in the future, causing her to team up with Spider-Man 2099 and, billionaire CEO Miguel O’Hara.

"Words cannot describe how I felt working on this cover and giving life to these iconic Latin characters," says Carolina, "It's such a dream and proud moment getting to illustrate the journey of two of the Latin heroes in the marvel universe in this new novel written by no other than the legend Alex Segura".

Araña and Spider-Man 2099 goes on sale May 2023 and is available for pre order.

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor is represented by IllustrationX


Andy (Anne) Passchier for Disney+

Bright Artist Andy (Anne) Passchier was commissioned by Disney+ to create this gorgeous Pride artwork based on the character Peter Pan.

Andy’s artwork was featured on the Disney + social media as part of their pride month series celebrating queer art and queer artists.

You can see more of Andy’s work in their portfolio here:

The Power of Disney


Sveta Dorosheva draws a fascinating illustration for the LA Times on the attraction of Disney theme parks.

The article is written by a Disney addict and looks into why many people visit the parks continuously despite the fact that it'd be cheaper to have a holiday somewhere else. Is the attraction the escape from reality where everything is fake? Sveta's artwork is a beautifully detailed dissection of the brain, playfully illustrated with feel good Disney icons, read the article here.


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