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Stewart Easton

Stewart Easton’s unique work has been spotted by a number of discerning art directors, and children’s editors and he has been inspired to delve into the world of children’s publishing.  Stewart has been working on some stunning new samples which are  quirky, but with huge charm which the  art directors  and designers  are  just loving!

Stewart Easton is represented by Artist Partners

artist partners

Nate Kitch for Ted Baker

Nate Kitch was commissioned by Ted Baker to create an illustration inspired by Ted Baker's autumn winter 2013 collection and it's theme "Take the Scenic Route".

Nate's image was used across Ted Baker's online platforms, including their blog, and also produced as signed print which was given away as a competition prize to one very lucky winner. Nate was very happy to work with Ted Baker, particularly as they are currently sponsoring the AOI illustration awards, at which Nate is exhibiting his Lost Mariner series of work.

Nate Kitch is represented by Eastwing



Just Published: What Can You Stack on the Back of a Yak? Illustrated by Adam Stower

Captain Quack and his trusty yak deliver the post to the mountains and back. At least, that's the idea, but Yak keeps picking up friends instead, with hilarious consequences. Published this month by Alison Green Books, What Can You Stack on the Back of a Yak? is brought to life by Adam Stower's wonderfully characterful illustrations. Find out just how much Yak really can stack on his back...

Adam Stower is represented by Arena


Just Published: Pam Ayres’ You Made Me Late Again! Illustrated by Susan Hellard

Pam Ayres has a wonderful new collection of poems and anecdotes published this month by Ebury Press. You Made Me Late Again! is the third collection of her poems that Susan Hellard has had the pleasure in illustrating. This really is a lovely partnership, Sue's pen & ink drawings set the tone beautifully and are a perfect foil for Pam's witty observations of life.

Susan Hellard is represented by Arena


Just Published: The Story of Stars by Neal Layton

The multi-talented Neal Layton gives us his unique perspective on stars, solar systems and galaxies in The Story of Stars, published by Hodder this month. This fun pop-up book, follows on from the success of The Story of Everything and The Story of Things, which make complicated theories accessible to children. Did you know that the Ancient Greeks did a join-the-dots with the night sky? Or that the sun is our nearest star? Or that stars are born, live and die, just like us?

Neal Layton is represented by Arena



PICTURA: A New Range of Art Books to Colour and Collect

Arena Illustration are thrilled to be involved in PICTURA, the launch of a brand new range of art books to colour in and collect, published this month by Templar.

 The Hobbit concept artist, John Howe was asked to produce a panaroma drawing on the theme of dragons, one of his favourite subject matters. John conceptualised the life cycle of these mythical creatures and where they might be found, he says:

“There are dragons everywhere. There are dragons in the clouds, in trees and waves, and dragons carved in stone, and guarding gold in caverns old, in stories waiting to be told…” and we see these brought to life through the eight panels in hisDRACONIS.

John Howe is represented by Arena


Logos by John Roger

Multi talented illustrator and designer Jon Rogers was approached by photographer Peter Beavis, to design and illustrate a new uber cool logo to update his brand. He had seen the original logo for Mother advertising designed by Jon on a surf board in Cape town. Jon produced the amazing logo based on Peter’s love of surf and rock ‘n roll music. Jon also produced further logos for Mother – party fun logo Ministry, and Mother on the Rocks logo.

Jon Rogers is represented by Phosphor Art.

Peter Beavis logolMOTHER-the-ministry-logoPrintMother logo surf board

An Emmy for Aardvark

Nathan Aardvark played Art Director and Lead Illustrator on this Emmy Award winning title sequence for Starz's 'Da Vinci's Demons.'

The recent Emmys saw Nathan and the team crowned with the 'Outstanding Main Title Design' award for the show. Talking of the commission, a very proud Nathan says "The job was to create short animated illustrations to go on top of footage from the show. I was supplied with various clips and painstakingly sketched over the top of each frame....frame by frame! In the end I had hundreds of drawings which were then composited later in post production. I tried to keep it close to the classic style of Da Vinci as much as possible."

Another cool feature of the title is the crab cannon; when the music is played backwards the melody is the same. Watch the titles.

Nathan Aardvark is represented by Illustration


Coin Designs for The Mint

Chrissy Lau works with The Australian Mint to produce several coin designs.
Following her first commission to celebrate the Year of the Water Snake - 2013, her most recent designs for the Year of the Horse 2014 have just been launched. 
Chrissy was asked to work on two distinctive illustrations for the range. The first is an energetic kicking horse inspired by Chinese brush paintings and the second design illustrates eight horses,  '8' being the symbol of wealth and success in China. Chrissy was able to research her Chinese heritage and look extensively at patterns and tapestries of past Dynasties to help with the concepts. The result being these precious collectable coins.
Chrissy says "The Year of the Horse 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse and people born in this year exude strength and stability, which is represented in the muscular tone of the horse in this design."
Chrissy is currently working on designs for the 2015 Year of The Goat, so there's more to come!
The Prestige Lunar Series Coins can be seen here.

Chrissy Lau is represented by Illustration

ChrissyLau1Chrissy LAu2Chrissy Lau3

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