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Lindsey Spinks Packaging for Vita V Organics

Lindsey Spinks has been working very hard on this set of packaging designs created for Vita V Organics. Lindsey said “The brief was to create two wrap-around labels one for a French vinaigrette and the other for a lemon dressing with a fresh, sophisticated and organic feel. It was a very hands on project where I had creative freedom to design the whole label with collaborative input and direction from Vita & Robyn”. We love the vibrant designs and think they give the packaging a bold and distinctive appeal that would look great on any table!

Lindsey Spinks is represented by the Artworks


Mary Woodin ‘Classic Bakes’ illustrations

A little booklet of “Classic Bakes’ illustrated by Mary Woodin comes with October’s Ideal Home magazine. Mary was asked to illustrate classic recipes from the magazine’s archives dating right back to 1920. A keen cook, Mary was delighted to have an excuse to dig out her battered rolling pin and vintage whisk to create these evocative illustrations!

Mary Woodin is represented by the Artworks



Rob Ball – Nominated Best British Comic

Rob Ball’s incredible comic , ‘Winter’s Knight: Day One’ has been nominated for Best British comic at the National British Comic Awards. A very well deserved bit of recognition for this beautiful artwork, we’ll be waiting for the result with our fingers and toes crossed!

Rob Ball is represented by The Artworks


Bernice’s quirky illustrations for the Oliver Fibbs series

Bernice Lum has been working on the wonderful 'Oliver Fibbs' series for Macmillan children's books, written by Steve Hartley. The eponymous hero is annoyed that his family are brilliant at everything and he is frankly not, so he embarks on some wild and fantastic adventures... but they just may have been fibs! Bernice's bold graphic artwork is perfect for these zany stories and add a real sense of drama and fun. So get your copies of 'Attack of the Alien Brain' and 'The Giant Boy-Munching Bugs now! And word has it that there is a third book on the way, so stay tuned for more of Bernice's quirky illustrations!
Bernice Lum is represented by The Organisation
October 2013

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