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The Heart Shopping Centre in Walton-on-Thames celebrates the history of film with these eye-catching walkway banners. 

The retail centre was once the site of a pioneering British film studio which released the first film adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and where eminent film figures such as Douglas Fairbank Jr., Bette Davis and Rock Hudson filmed.

Each movie banner had to be instantly recognisable and colourful to celebrate the history of the site’s past and Frances Castle certainly came up with the goods by creating these very bold illustrations depicting 12 iconic films from the 1930’s through to the 2010’s.

Frances Castle is represented by Arena Illustration.

Chris Skinner – Ghost In The Shell / Variety Magazine

Chris Skinner collaborated with Variety Magazine to create an editorial piece of art to accompany their Ghost In The Shell film review.

The concept is based around the construction of life housed within an artificial body and Chris shows the human form created from mechanical parts with the face being one of the last elements to be added.


Laura Redburn’s Passengers Collage

Phosphor Art's Laura Redburn was approached by Wired Magazine to create this mini collage to accompany an article comparing Hollywood film Passengers with British novelist Katie Khan's debut Hold Back the Stars. Laura originally created a piece with her stash of vintage collage materials, but her and the team at Wired decided it needed a more futuristic sci-fi look, resulting in this stunning digital collage of film stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Peter Strain “Naughty or Nice” / Light House Cinema


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for festive commissions! The latest project we’re delighted to share is a collaboration between montage maestro Peter Strain and the innovative Light House Cinema in Dublin.


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